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Overload Protector

Overload Protector

Selling Parameters

Subject Overload Protector
Item No. VS12
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Industrial Supplies Hardware > Machinery > Hydraulic Overload Protector

Detailed Product Description

VA/VS08 is for 200 Tons & down press.
VA/VS12 is for 200-600 Tons press.
VA20 is for 500-1000 Tons press.

1. Overload protector is equipped in Press machine to check hydraulic pressure of cylinder inside the slider.
2. If happen overload, the hydraulic pressure of cylinder will be released immediately within 3/1000 seconds.
3. When happen overload, it will release the electric signal and let the machine stop working. It can protect the press and die.
4. Air driven hydraulic pump can supply the hydraulic pressure of cylinder quickly.
5. Overload protector have pressure control valve, which can adjust hydraulic pressure caused by the oil temperature arising automatically.
Issue Time:   2019-02-19
Expire Time:   2020-01-18

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