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Envelope Clutch Wallet

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Envelope Clutch Wallet

Envelope Clutch Wallet

Product Parameters

Product Name Envelope Clutch Wallet
Item No. ZM / ZS
Supply Type Sell
Category Home Supplies > Case,Package,Bag > Vegetable Tanned Leather Handbag

Detailed Product Description

Envelope Wallet (compact/long)

6 Features of the Envelope Wallet

-Made of Italian vegetable-tanned leather.
-Designed and manufactured in Taiwan.
-Eco-friendly production without glue or stitching
-Innovative patented cutting design and exclusive screw design.
-Multiple compartments for storage.
-Only 8mm thick.

One of the standout features of the Envelope Wallet is the option for personalized laser engraving. The exclusive engraving is discreetly visible when you open the top cover, exuding an understated sense of prestige. Please note that the legibility of the engraved text on dark-colored leather may be affected by angles or lighting conditions. With this personalized laser engraving design, you can showcase your unique taste and distinguished identity in a truly individualized manner.

Leather: Italian imported natural vegetable-tanned leather
Hardware: Stainless Steel 18/8

Size Specifications
Long wallet size when completed: H 19cm x W 9.5cm x D 0.8cm
Short wallet size when completed: H 11cm x W 9.5cm x D 0.8cm

Color Options
Original / Honey Brown / Ruby Red / Olive Green / Navy Blue / Classic Black
Email us if you need other color options.

Welcome to Studio Smoll – Where Design Meets Sustainability!

Hailing from Hsinchu, Taiwan, we're a creative hub specializing in innovative leather bag designs. Our dual mission is to celebrate Taiwan's allure through design and to promote environmental sustainability. With our proprietary factory, we focus on crafting unique self-assembled vegetable-tanned leather bag designs. Our pride stems from employing patented laser cutting technology, streamlining assembly without the need for chemicals, adhesives, or stitching. This results in a process that's intuitive and enjoyable. Our modular bag design empowers you to effortlessly replace damaged parts, extending the product's lifespan while prioritizing eco-consciousness through recyclable materials. Our patented techniques are protected globally, and we're delighted to offer OEM and ODM services. Whether you're a distributor, retailer, or in need of manufacturing or customization, we're excited to embark on this journey together!

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