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Pneumatic Sander Machine

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Pneumatic Sander Machine

Pneumatic Sander Machine

Product Parameters

Product Name Pneumatic Sander Machine
Item No. A-FSG-O81-O30R100-C
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Hardware Tool > Construction Power Tools

Detailed Product Description

3"x8" Air Orbital Sander - Central-Vacuum
  1. Pad Size:3x8 inch ; 70x198 mm
  2. Horse Power:0.28 hp  
  3. Free Speed:12000 rpm 
  4. Random Orbital Size:3.0mm
  5. Compact and lightweight design, ideal for flexibility
  6. Shock-absorbing and easy-to-grip comfortable rubber grip rubber sleeve, which can reduce fatigue after long-term operation.
  7. Patented heat dissipation blades, one-way guide gas can cool the main shaft and bearings during operation, and remove residual dust.
  8. The rear exhaust direction is adjustable, and the exhaust direction can be adjusted arbitrarily at 360 degrees.
  9. The speed regulating device on the bottom prevents the speed control from being accidentally touched during use.
  10. Origin:Taiwan

The KEMP air grinder rotor is made of plastic steel, which is lighter in weight and stronger in function. The floating rotor reduces the coefficient of friction when the inner rotor operates, optimizing motor performance and increasing tool life.
High-standard heat-treated steel and high-precision machining integrated spindle, and balanced weight make the part structure more stable and durable.
The dual-channel dust collection with increased dust collection channel space improves the vacuum dust collection effect and effectively reduces the incidence of dust clogging.
Applicable to bodywork, furniture, wood, metal products, flat surface, curved surface, edge seam, dead angle, white body grinding, wood, stone, jade, metal surface.
Innovative low-height fit greatly reduces offset vibration and is more stable, good stability during operation, low noise and low vibration, which can reduce operating injuries.
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