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Pink Bourbon Coffee

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Pink Bourbon Coffee

Pink Bourbon Coffee

Product Parameters

Product Name Pink Bourbon Coffee
Item No. COMB006
Supply Type Sell
Category Food,Beverages > Coffee Product,Cocoa Product > Colombian Coffee Beans

Detailed Product Description

Colombia Huila San Agustin La Cereza Innovation Washed Pink Bourbon
Roast degree: medium roast
Acidity: slightly acidic
Flavor Notes: Orange Fruit, Spice, Dark Fruit Tea

Flavor/Product Description:
Pink Bourbon, as the name suggests,
His coffee cherry fruit is a romantic pink when ripe,
It is an extremely rare and precious species.
Pink Bourbon has fresh floral aromas, juicy sweetness of blueberries and green grapes.
The middle section has a cherry flavor, and the end section is as sweet as cane sugar.
In terms of acidity, the performance of citrus berry complex is more present.
The washed pink bourbon presents a rich layer of flavor,
A combination of orange fruit, spices, cream, red dates, dark fruit tea,
The sweet and sour taste is delicate, the overall flavor is thick, sweet and juicy.

Product Specifications:
Small package/100g
half a pound / 227 grams
1 pound / 454 grams
10 packs of drip coffee (1 pack/12g)
10 packs of steeped coffee (1 pack/12g)

Application range:
pour over coffee, aeropress, french press, cold brew, cold brew

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