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Esperanza Coffee

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Esperanza Coffee

Esperanza Coffee

Product Parameters

Product Name Esperanza Coffee
Item No. COMB004
Supply Type Sell
Category Food,Beverages > Coffee Product,Cocoa Product > Colombian Coffee Beans

Detailed Product Description

Colombia La Esperanza Winey Natural
Roast degree: medium roast
Acidity: Wine Sour
Flavor notes: rum, vinaigrette, kirsch, chocolate cake

Flavor/Product Description:
In fact, the so-called rum sunbathing has no added rum!
Instead, it describes that the aroma of coffee is similar to the aroma of wine through natural sun exposure.
The owner of the manor uses extremely sophisticated fermentation management, without adding any external fragrance,
Improve the aroma of coffee beans with its own high fermentation.
"Hope Manor" is undoubtedly the best coffee made in Colombia!
Its coffee beans have won various coffee awards from 2008 to 2016.
Hope Manor Rum Sunshine is a wine with rum, wine-stained grapes, and cherry wine as the main notes.
Strong and popular coffee beans.

Product Specifications:
Small package/100g
half a pound / 227 grams
1 pound / 454 grams
10 packs of drip coffee (1 pack/12g)
10 packs of steeped coffee (1 pack/12g)

Application range:
pour over coffee, aeropress, french press, cold brew, cold brew

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