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Automatic Drill And Tapping Machine

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Automatic Drill And Tapping Machine

Automatic Drill And Tapping Machine

Product Parameters

Product Name Automatic Drill And Tapping Machine
Item No. MD750/4, MDS750/4
Supply Type Sell
Category Construction > Construction Machinery > Metal Working Tool

Detailed Product Description

4 Speed Magnetic Drilling & Tapping Core Drills MD750/4, MDS750/4
MD750/4, MDS750/4
Target group & Applications
MD750/4 & MDS750/4 Introduction
The MD750/4 (standard version) & MDS750/4 (swivel base version) are versatile, large
capacity magnetic drills with a wide range of capabilities. For both HSS and TCT cutters, they
are rated at 75 mm diameter and 50 mm length. The 4-speed gearbox allows a wide range
cutting speeds which is useful for both varying cutter diameters, as well as different types
of cutting tools to be used. The number 3 Morse taper (MT3) spindle makes it easy to change
between different styles of arbors and adaptors to use a large array of cutting tools.
Since MT3 is a common, industry-wide standard, many different arbors and MT3 shank cutting
tools can be found in the market and can be shared with other equipment, such as drill
presses, etc. Reducers can also be used to mount MT2 and MT1 tools as well. The reversing
switch, together with the optional #1 and #2 tapping adaptor arbors allow the machine to
easily perform tapping.
The MDS750/4 has the additional feature of swivel base function. This is mainly used for
situations where it’s difficult to both aim the machine and hold it up simultaneously, such as
when performing horizontal or overhead drilling.
With this function, the operator can first turn the magnet on (to allow the magnet to hold the
machine up), and then precisely aim the cutting tool.
Target Groups and Applications
For operators in the metalworking, fabrication, steel frame construction, bridge building
industry, or anyone who needs to perform a wide array of heavy steel drilling, up to 75mm
diameter, these are the tool for the job. With their powerful motors and strong magnets, these
tools’ performance in thick steel is outstanding.
4-speed 2000 W heavy-duty magnetic drilling machine for cutters up to Ø 75 x 50 mm, twist drills up to 32 mm, and taps up to 25.4 mm.
The MT3 arbor can also fit many other types of cutting tools. MDS750/4 features swivel Base for difficult to reach areas.
  • 4 speed gear box for optimized torque and cutting speed for a wide range of cutting tools.
  • Built-in cutting fluid system with unique through-the-spindle fluid feed.
  • Reversing Switch for tapping.
2200 W (220 V) | 1700 W (110 V)
Max. Capacity:
Annular Cutters: 75 mm x 50 mm | Twist Drills: 32 mm x 150 mm | Taps: 25.4 mm
Annular Cutting | Twist Drilling | Tapping, and more

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