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Dry Core Drill

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Dry Core Drill

Dry Core Drill

Product Parameters

Product Name Dry Core Drill
Item No. DME51D
Supply Type Sell
Category Construction > Construction Machinery > Concrete Diamond Core Drill

Detailed Product Description

Dry Diamond Core Drill Motor DME51D
The machine is equipped with a tubular spirit level to aid in aligning when drilling horizontally. By positioning the machine so that the bubble is in the center of the window one can drill a straight hole.
This machine is for the intended purpose of diamond core drilling of concrete, masonry, stone and similar materials. It may also be mounted on a rig (drilling stand).
All other uses which are not for the intended purpose are prohibited.
All models are equipped with a mechanical safety clutch.
All models have electronics for soft start, overload protection, thermal protection.
Mounting the core bit
CAUTION: Ensure that the threads of the spindle and the core bit match. Attempting to mount
mismatched threads will result in damage to both threads.
Ensure both the core bit and the machine spindle are clean. Any debris could cause excessive run-out of the mounted core bit. Excessive run-out can cause premature failure of the core bit and/or a safety hazard.
Tighten the bit to the spindle using two wrenches.
Choosing the correct core bit for the job
Ensure that the bit you are using is suitable for the material you are drilling. There are two main types of diamond core bit:
Dry bits and wet bits. This machine should only be used with dry bits.
Dry drilling is a different process from wet drilling.
When dry drilling, you must not push too hard. Allow the tool to work at its own pace.
Dry drilling is normally done in softer materials. Note that in very hard materials it may not be possible to drill dry.
A compact, high efficiency 1 speed 1800 W dry drilling motor for drilling up to 112 mm. Suitable for drilling of highly abrasive materials. Switchable soft percussion allows optimal dry drilling performance.
  • Gear box with mechanical clutch.
  • Smart Electronic Control with soft-start, thermal protection, and overload protection.
  • Switchable soft percussion for optimized dry drilling.
  • Side Handle in-line with spindle centerline for best control.
  • Built in horizontal levels for precision.
  • External Dust Extractor Head for use with 50 to 82 mm banana slot type bits (Optional).
  • Spring-loaded Centering Pilot for L 85 mm bits or for L 65 mm bits. (Optional).
Power:1800 W
Max. Capacity:Dry: 112 mm
Type:Dry drilling (brick)

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