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Extrusion Solution-9

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Extrusion Solution-9

Extrusion Solution-9

Product Parameters

Product Name Extrusion Solution-9
Item No. 7-9
Supply Type Sell
Category Automobile > Auto Electronics > Car Camera Recorders

Detailed Product Description

Use PVC plastic with high filling of stone powder(Caco3) to remove the sticky material on the barrel after extrusion

After extruding PVC or XLPE or TPU, when changing plastic or color, use PVC material with high filling of stone powder (Caco3) to clean the sticky material on the screw:

(PS: Suggestion for PVC material for color change or shutdown cleaning: Mix recycled PVC with about 300% or more calcium carbonate (Caco3), and granulate it into "color change or cleaning material" through a pelletizer.
  1. Recommended temperature setting for Barrel: Zone1: 150, Zone2: 150, Zone3: 150, Zone4: 155, Zone5: 160…The temperature should not exceed 165 degrees.
  2. Before the temperature is lowered, do not put in the cleaning PVC plastic. At this time, the cross head still needs to be closed, and the die can be removed. Pour the pre-cleaned PVC plastic into the hopper, then turn the screw about 5-10RPM, and let the PVC slowly flow out from the cross head, there will be obvious effects!

In this way, the screw and barrel will have a large pressure during operation, and the calcium carbonate (Caco3) content of the PVC is high, so it will not be too sticky, and has the effect of cleaning and polishing. It will be better to flow plastic from the cross head and clean up the sticky plastic remaining on the barrel.

Plastics with high viscosity can be cleaned in this way, such as PVC, HDPE, LDPE, XLPE, TPU…
Plastics with too high softening temperature, such as NYLON(PA), Hytrel, PET, PBT, etc., are not suitable for this method


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