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Extrusion Solution-7

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Extrusion Solution-7

Extrusion Solution-7

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Product Name Extrusion Solution-7
Item No. 7-7
Supply Type Sell
Category Chemical > Chemical Registration > Japan CSCL

Detailed Product Description

How to reduce the wear of screw and barrel

The most common problem of general high-speed extruders is the wear of screw and barrel.
And the most notable is the wear of the screw teeth, the wear of the barrel rifling and the enlargement of the inner hole.
In addition to the use of wear-resistant alloy materials, the use of bimetallic screw and barrel can also effectively prolong the service life

Except the selection of metal alloy materials, there are several conditions that affect the life of the screw and barrel.
The heat treatment temperature and process of the screw and barrel are negligent, so that the wear resistance of the material cannot be achieved.
The rotation speed of the screw directly affects the life of screw and barrel. The high-speed rotation causes the friction between the screw and barrel to cause the rough burr to expand the wear.
Design is also one of the reasons for the wear of the screw and barrel.  Proper compression ratio can prolong the stable production quality and life of the screw and barrel.
In 2003, we began to study various matching and tests to enhance the service life of screw and barrel. In 2010, we came to the conclusion of the best steel, heat treatment and design comprehensive matching, which can effectively improve the life of high-speed extrusion screw and barrel.


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