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Wire And Cable Extrusion-4

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Wire And Cable Extrusion-4

Wire And Cable Extrusion-4

Product Parameters

Product Name Wire And Cable Extrusion-4
Item No. 5-4
Supply Type Sell
Category Chemical > Chemical Equipment > Air Tanks

Detailed Product Description

Wire and Cable Extrusion – LSHF、HFFR、XLPO Extrusion

The biggest problem in the early extrusion of LSHF is the temperature rising and pressure is too high, which leads to the early cracking of the plastic and the holes on the surface. With the continuous evolution of plastics, the extrusion process of flame retardant-added LSHF (HFFR) and cross-linking agent-added LSHF (XLPO) causes many problems, such as unstable extrusion and excessive torque, resulting in abnormal extrusion.
The earliest LSHF screws generally used a low compression ratio, single-tooth design. We have been researching how to improve production efficiency while taking into account the quality.
The screw used for LSHF extrusion, according to the latest research results of our company, it is recommended to use Barrier-type to extrude LSHF, HFFR, and XLPO plastics. The advantages of Barrier-type are as follows:
  1. Stable temperature control
  2. The surface is not easy to crack and avoid foaming
  3. Increase the speed and capacity of production
  4. Strengthen the mixing degree of plastic

Our company has been designing and manufacturing screws and barrels since 1989, and has rich experience and ability to solve problems for customers. In response to the customer's extrusion problems, we can help redesign through the data of the test run, and propose customized improvement plans. Increase the extrusion capacity and improve the production efficiency, as well as the extrusion quality and durability.


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