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Blow Film Extrusion-1

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Blow Film Extrusion-1

Blow Film Extrusion-1

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Product Name Blow Film Extrusion-1
Item No. 3-1
Supply Type Sell
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Detailed Product Description

Screw & Barrel for Blow Molding High Speed Extrusion – 65mm

High-speed extrusion screw and barrel for blow molding.
Plastic blow molding products, such as: plastic bottles, plastic cans, and plastic containers
Applicable plastics: HDPE, UHMWPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, PP, PETG
Multilayer co-extruded plastics: EVOH, EVAL, MR

Based on our experience
65mm L/D26 blow molding extrusion machine, motor configuration 35 KW, the production capacity of extruding HDPE can reach about 110kg/H.
In terms of the stability of the feeding pressure and the temperature, the operation of the blow molding extrusion screw and barrel is required to be relatively stricter.

High functional plastic containers or blow molded products have relatively high quality and functional requirements. Sometimes it needs multi-layer co-extrusion to achieve the functional requirements. In the field of multi-layer extrusion, the stability of feeding pressure and temperature, as well as the uniformity and light transmittance of product mixing are extremely high. Under this requirement, the relative degree of screw and barrel design will directly and seriously affect the extrusion quality.

Outstanding design, increase production capacity
Special design to reduce the trouble of temperature rise
Good mixing and no temperature rise can obtain a very stable and fast extrusion production quality.
The excellent screw and barrel design can achieve the four major elements, including perfect mixing, no temperature rise, high production capacity, and good production stability.
The Screw and the Barrel are made of alloy steel imported from Japan, which has the advantages of wear resistance and long life.


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