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Airpods 2 Pouch

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Airpods 2 Pouch

Airpods 2 Pouch

Product Parameters

Product Name Airpods 2 Pouch
Item No. AJ738-8081
Supply Type Sell
Category Home Supplies > Case,Package,Bag > Neoprene Earbud Pouch

Detailed Product Description

1.)Surface material: Leather
2.)Color : Brown body / cover : Brown
3.)  Interior size : 6cm x 6.5cm x 3cm
4.)  Materials: Leather/ Neoprene / Magnetic clasp/reflective strap
5.)Bullet points:  
    a.)  According to the size for AirPods 1,2, completely tight and does not fall off
     b.) When you open the upper cover, you can pull up the earphone box at the same time, and you can fully pick up the machine.
     c.)  Multi-corner design, can stand, can also be cushioned when falling to avoid earphones from shock.
     d.) When you open the top cover, the headset can be pulled up at the same time.
     e.) Waterproof PU+ soft neoprene which are the main material to avoid shocked.
     f.) The upper cover is connected to the main body, and the upper cover will not be lost.
     9.) Magnetic button closed, it is indeed buckled, the earphone will not fall, it is light and convenient.
     h.) Reflective drawstring, can be grasped by hand, can be hung, detachable, reflective point is convenient for searching in the dark
     i.) This box can stand completely, and it is a good healing little thing on the table, and it is also a beautiful ornament
6.) Features : a.) Protect the earphone charging box from scratches.
            b.) Fully covered to avoid earphones loss.
7.) Origin : Taiwan
Durable skin leather, extraordinary value.
To give earphone a best protection, choose OneJoy neoprene earbud pouch / OneJoy earphone pouch.
please check the different size for different model.  It is not only a pouch, but also an artwork.

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