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Office Window Tinting

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Office Window Tinting

Office Window Tinting

Product Parameters

Product Name Office Window Tinting
Item No. QM60
Supply Type Sell
Category Construction > Door,Window Accessories > Commercial Window Tint Film

Detailed Product Description

QM60-Diamond House™ Series

Visual Light Transmittance (VLT) : 55%
Infrared Rejection (IR) : 88%(950nm),96%(1400nm)
Ultraviolet Rejection (UVR) : 99%(≤380nm)
Exterior Reflection (ER) : 11%
Interior Reflection (IR) : 11%

Boosting Your Productivity With A Better Office Place Starting By A High Standard Window Film

  1. Good heat rejection helps provide energy savings and improved comfort.
  2. Make your environment comfortable and energy efficient.
  3. Protect skin and eyes by blocking off 99% of harmless UV light.
  4. Keep your building cool without running up utility bills.
  5. Where to use : Restaurants, Retailer Stores, Office Buildings, Schools.
  6. Origin: Taiwan.
  7. Solar King Shop : Located in the DÉCOR HOUSE in Nankan in Taoyuan County.

Solar King® Window FIlm Test Report

Solar King® Window FIlm:8A, 8B
No WIndow Film:6A, 6B
  • Save about 58,594 (NT) dollars a year on the electricity bill.
  • Get about 17.18% ROI in the first year, with a 0.85 payback period.
  • Reduced annual emissions by 4,872 kg of CO2, while a  typical American emits 3,500 kg of CO2-eq. Per year from residential electricity use.

6 Reasons Why To Have Window Film Installed
  1. Blocking off excessive heat
    Window film is the best and efficient way to reduce annoying solar heat transferring through your windows.
  2. Reduction of glare
    Let in natural light while blocking the annoying glare and blocks up to 99% of UV rays. Window films help to protect your skin against the harmful effects of the sun.
  3. Energy Savings
    Your HVAC system does not need to work as much to regulate a consistent temperature by keeping cool air inside and the heat out.
  4. For Privacy
    If your building is next to a street, you may want to protect your house from people peering in. WIndow film provides you a better solution by letting the natural lights in and keeping your privacy.
  5. Shattered and Breakage Prevention
    Window film keeps the glass from shattering upon impact; while a storm hits, it will protect you and your family’s safety.
  6. Enhance Appearance
    We provide various choices that can get well with the exterior of a home or office building.

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