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Cow Colostrum Capsules

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Cow Colostrum Capsules

Cow Colostrum Capsules

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Product Name Cow Colostrum Capsules
Item No. 6-3
Supply Type Sell
Category Health,Beauty > Health Care Products > Pure Colostrum

Detailed Product Description

AICHING JUELUO ( Capsule food)  Exclusive circulation smooth formula

Long-term consumption of refined sweets, starches, high-calorie foods, or lack of the ability to metabolize sugars may affect the metabolic function, shutting down the mechanism of sugar metabolism, and the nutrients cannot be used by the body's functions, resulting in the "three highs" physique .
Pure sugarcane wax extract and precious bovine colostrum are added to regulate physiological functions, enhance physical strength, promote metabolism, high-quality health food for aging society, and a healthy complexion.
  1. Capacity: 500 mg x 60 tablets
  2. Ingredients: colostrum powder, wheat germ extract, sugar cane wax extract, sea salt, magnesium stearate.
  3. Capsule shell ingredients: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, pure water, carrageenan, potassium chloride.
  4. How to use: take 2 capsules daily in the morning and after dinner, with boiled water.
  5. Recommended dosage: 2 times a day.
  6. Precautions: This product uses sugar cane wax extract, which is not suitable for pregnant women and the children under 12 years old.
  7. Allergen warning: This product contains milk powder, bran and other grains and its products, and is not suitable for people with allergies.
  8. Storage method: Please store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
  9. Country of Origin: Taiwan
  10. Shelf life: 3 years (referring to unopened storage under normal conditions)
  11. Please refer to the package for the effective date (AD year/month/day)

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