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Solar System Install

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Solar System Install

Solar System Install

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Product Name Solar System Install
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Solar Power Systems for Fish-electricity symbiosis Use solar Energy to earn money
Googol company's Solar Power Systems for Fish-electricity symbiosis help you use Solar Energy to earn money. Our Solar Power System contains high efficiency solar panels, inverters, mounting racks, etc.
Power generation of Googol company's Solar Panel Systems is 11% higher than the average.
We guarantee our Solar Electricity systems are the most valuable Solar Power Systems.
Overview of indoor farming of fish-electricity symbiosis:
The solar power generation facility is attached to the roof of the farm, and complete shelter facilities are set up around it.
1: It has a complete enclosed structure, which has a positive effect on environmental control, including; In summer because of the decrease in the sunshine, so the water temperature will not become high; in winter, the heat is enclosed indoors to greatly increase the temperature of the pool water, and it can be obtained if heating is required Better results.
2: The impact of rain can also be avoided, including the impact of acid rain and heavy rain on aquaculture management.
3: The water vapor generated in indoor breeding takes away the heat effect, and lowering the working temperature of the solar panel can improve the efficiency of power generation.
4: Closed breeding system and proper management operations can effectively block the spread of disease sources and effectively improve breeding benefits.
5: The mainstream practice of fish-electricity symbiosis allows easy application
1: The overall construction cost is high, the demand for professionalism is extremely high, and the construction time is long.
2: Two-stage application is required, and the power generation time is relatively delayed.
3: A large number of column structures are required in the structure of the whole farm, and the design and planning of the breeding pond need to be changed.
For the overall engineering industry planning, the concept of long-term use is required, and it may be necessary for the landowners to jointly participate in the investment and management, and adopt the form of long-term management and development planning.

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