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Sesame Seed Ice Cream

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Sesame Seed Ice Cream

Sesame Seed Ice Cream

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Product Name Sesame Seed Ice Cream
Item No. 11-3
Supply Type Sell
Category Agriculture > Fruit,Fruit Product > Black Sesame Gelato

Detailed Product Description

Black Sesame Soy Milk Gelato
The syrup made from ground non-GMO soybeans is rich in plant protein and trace calcium. Sugar-free soy milk and black sesame butter are a great combination. In addition, it is also the best dessert for vegetarians to increase calcium and protein intake! *Customized products *Vegetarian *Trehalose added Capacity: 120ml/473ml/4.5L. Ingredients: soy milk, sugar, black sesame, trehalose, maltodextrin, glucose, concentrated whey protein, Guar gum, citrus fiber

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