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Gearbox Seals

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Gearbox Seals

Gearbox Seals

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Product Name Gearbox Seals
Item No. Gearbox Seals
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Detailed Product Description

NAK makes seals for industrial reducers or gearboxes, including rotary seals, oil gauge seals and end caps. The purpose of these seals is to prevent lubricant from leaking out, and to keep contaminants such as water and dust from getting in. It comes with a small oil glass so people can monitor the oil levels.

NAK’s dedicated R&D helps NAK be ahead of the curve in terms of technology, rubber, design and development. This helps NAK being ready to meet special industry needs. Our team does extensive research into customer requirements (Voice of Customer) and uses scientific advancements as well as innovation in engineering to provide high performance seals. NAK makes seals for harmonic reducers, cycloid reducers, planetary gear reducers, gear reducers, worm reducers, spiral bevel gear reducers and other sealing solutions.
NAKs seals have the following advantages:
  • A low-torque seal design greatly improves the operating efficiency of the equipment by 3% - 10%.
  • NAKs seal slows the rate of temperature increase to improve the seal life.
  • The oil return groove is designed to improve sealing effect.
  • An anti-rust design that ensures the normal operation of the oil seal.
  • A protection lip seal design that protects the main lip of the seal.
  • NAK has special food grade rubber to meet the seals made with a food-grade rubber formula that keeps people safe.

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