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Engine Seals

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Engine Seals

Engine Seals

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Product Name Engine Seals
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Detailed Product Description

NAK provides a complete range of engine seals to its customers. This includes all of the essential seals, such as: valve stem seals (including both the traditional type as well as the supercharged type), camshaft and crankshaft seals.
NAK’s advanced rubber formulas meet the temperature demands in the mechanism as well as be able to withstand the harsh, highly-corrosive application environment. Each formula has undergone stringent field testing ensuring superior quality and performance.
The structural design of the seals ensures good lubrication in the engine. This ensures perfect lubrication for optimal function. 
The seals have an important function to improve fuel efficiency by lowering the amount of work the engine must do to compensate for energy loss that can come from faulty or loose seals. The seals also have the ability to preserve the life of the engine, not only by keeping the parts properly lubricated but also by keeping corrosive or polluting agents out.  This reduces wear on the parts.
  • NAK’s customized valve steam seal has a precision design that allows sufficient lubrication on the valve guide and the valve stem, while still preventing oil leakage. This design keeps the engine operation stable. It also helps extend the service life of the valve.
  • NAK has two standard designs for a valve stem, a flange design and a non-flange design. The flange design is equipped with a spring to prevent the cylinder head from wearing out.
  • NAK’s customized helix design for the camshaft seal and for the crankshaft seal is able to provide dynamic sealing.

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