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Shock Absorber Seals

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Shock Absorber Seals

Shock Absorber Seals

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Product Name Shock Absorber Seals
Item No. Shock Absorber Seals
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Detailed Product Description

Shock absorber seals are an essential part of every shock absorber because they seal the lubricant, reduce friction, keep contaminants out, and extend the service life of the shock absorber.
The purpose of a shock absorber is to help keep the vehicle steady in rough driving conditions and provide good comfort to the driver and passengers.
NAK has developed advanced rubber formulas and designed special seals for shock absorbers used in motorcycles, automobiles, light trucks, heavy commercial vehicles, and more.
  • NAKs advanced rubber formulas (NBR, HNBR, FMK) can handle a very wide temperature range (-45 °C ~ +200 °C), while also being compatible with shock absorber oil.
  • NAK’s seal is designed with a thick and hardened metal case, with an enhanced oil seal structure that can be used in the OEM’s automated assembly lines.
  • The main lip in NAK’s shock absorber seal design comes with a garter spring that strengthens the sealing effect by providing added radial force. The high quality materials and special design increases the durability of the oil seal.
  • The special design of the dust lip helps reduce friction, prevents lip eversion, and keeps contaminants from entering the shock absorber.
  • NAK’s seal design comes with a non-return valve lip that functions as a check valve. It is located on the body of the seal, at the end of the spring-loaded lip.

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