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Electric Motor Seals

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Electric Motor Seals

Electric Motor Seals

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Product Name Electric Motor Seals
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Detailed Product Description

NAK has always been a front runner in the industry to develop seals for futuristic technologies. This has helped us to design and develop seals for the E-World.
NAK clearly understands the sealing needs of e-Mobility motors. Electric motor seals in an electric motor is an essential component to keep the system dry and allows oil lubrication of the gearbox. An electric motor seal must be designed to withstand the dry conditions in an electric motor while still being able to accommodate the necessary of oil lubrication for a gearbox that can run at speeds up to or over 10,000 rpm.
In e-mobility, these two diametrically opposite conditions in the same application must be kept completely separated by the e-mobility seal.
NAK has developed a special lip design that can handle both conditions by providing an excellent sealing function, reducing friction and improving the energy efficiency of the mechanism.
The main lip is designed to maintain a tight seal as well as minimize friction caused by a motor operating at high speeds in drier conditions.
  • NAK’s electric motor seal is manufactured with an advanced rubber formula (FKM, PTFE) to meet the demands of high speeds and a wide range of temperatures.

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