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Cement Hardener Chemical

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Cement Hardener Chemical

Cement Hardener Chemical

Product Parameters

Product Name Cement Hardener Chemical
Item No. SJ-8
Supply Type Sell
Category Chemical > Coating > Nano Coating For Concrete

Detailed Product Description

Golden Armor Inorganic Cement Hardener and Strengthen Agent 
Test Report
SJ-8 offers 8 on the Moh’s hardness scale as highest hardness.  SJ-8 strengthen the cement up to 15%-20%, increasing the friction and preventing the concrete from cracking.  SJ-8 does not change the pH value and physical properties of cement. When used on the ground, it has great environmental and economic benefits compared to other coating materials such as resin (EPOXY) which also need to s be maintained within 3-5 years.  SJ-8 is safe, non-toxic, economical and convenient, and easy to use. 

Scope of Application: Bridge, Embankment, seawall, any cement concrete building flat façade interior and exterior walls, plant, warehouse, parking lots, gas stations, art galleries, and commercial space floors can be used.

Made in Taiwan.

Keywords: Nano Coating for Concrete  Cement Hardener Chemical   

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