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Nano Silver Disinfectant Spray

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Nano Silver Disinfectant Spray

Nano Silver Disinfectant Spray

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Product Name Nano Silver Disinfectant Spray
Item No. Nano Ag
Supply Type Sell
Category Chemical > Coating > Nano Silver Antibacterial Spray

Detailed Product Description

Golden Armor Inorganic Nano Silver Anti-Bacterial Agent
Thru various tests, the safety and effectiveness of GA Nano Silver Anti-bacterial Agent far exceeds those of other brands. The price is also very compatible and affordable by the public. It is a product with high CP value and can be use by all ages, even infants and elderly.  Using one third of the content of our products in accordance with medical regulations and testing (SARS-Cou-2 test), virus can reduce by 31% even after 24 hours. 

The antibacterial function is mainly due to the catalytic ability of nano silver ions.  Highly oxidized silver liquid will generate atomic oxygen in the surrounding space. The sterilization function can be achieved through the strong oxidation of atomic oxygen. Nano silver aqueous solution will strongly attract bacteria.  The sulfhydryl group on the protease in the body make the protease inactive and destroys the bacteria.  When the bacterium is decomposed by nano silver, the nano silver will be released from the corpse of the virus.  If it comes into contact with the bacteria or other viruses, it will continue to cycle and perform sterilization. 

Golden Armor Inorganic Nano Silver Antibacterial Agent, the principle action for the virus is by coagulating the virus’s protein molecules.  The electron donors on the virus’s DNA molecules are bound and causing the virus to die. 

It is safe, long-acting, non-tolerant bacteria, significant anti-bacterial effect, not affected by light and organic concentration. The process does not produce waste. Is very safe, environmental and non-toxic.  

Made in Taiwan. Welcome OEM and looking for Oversea distributors. 

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