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Rotating Roof Vent

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Rotating Roof Vent

Rotating Roof Vent

Product Parameters

Product Name Rotating Roof Vent
Item No. SUC06
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Energy Saving Device > Roof Ventilation Fan

Detailed Product Description

Wind Ventilator_20 inch of stainless steel 430 (flat bottom)

● Firm and durable: the quality is more outstanding of the sphere from many patented technology.

● Corrosion proof: stainless steel 430.

● Bearing: the bearings are imported with original packing from Germany.      Besides, the bearings add to dust covers so that the sphere runs smoothly. And breezes just drive the sphere.

● Rainproof: when the sphere runs, it removes rain. Because of centrifugal force from the sphere running. And the rainproof arcs of outside blades increase more effect.

● No noise: Natural wind could drive the wind driven turbo ventilators. Do not worry about noise from using motor.

● Dust-proof: do not have to wash the wind driven turbo ventilators. The sphere runs 24 hours, so dust does not adhere to the wind driven turbo ventilators easily.

● Natural light: light could shine inside from the crack between blades and blades. It would increase about 20% illumination to save the cost of electricity. Wind driven turbo ventilators are most choices to green buildings.

1. Green ventilation: use of natural wind-driven principles, not the use of motor power, to avoid the cost of running electricity free, non-stop self turbine ventilator rotation, so silent no noise when running.

2. Wide applicability: Diameter with a unique angle for a variety of industrial plant light steel contour plate roof, concrete roof can be installed. And does not require support, installation and convenient.

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