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Needle Test Probes

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Needle Test Probes

Needle Test Probes

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Product Name Needle Test Probes
Item No. Beryllium-Copper Probe Needles
Supply Type Sell
Category Electronic,Electrical > Semiconductor Material > Semiconductor Probes

Detailed Product Description

Beryllium copper is a non-magnetic, non-sparking high-strength material with excellent metal workability, formability and other properties. It has many applications in hazardous environments, musical instruments, precision measuring devices, ammunition and aerospace.
Wires made of beryllium copper can have various forms, such as round, square, flat or customized, and can be wound on reels, spools, or presented in a straight line.
In addition, beryllium copper can withstand the erosion of non-oxidizing acids (such as hydrochloric acid, carbonic acid), resistance to plastic decomposition products, abrasion and abrasion. Furthermore, beryllium copper can be treated by heat treatment, such as age hardening and tempering, to improve its strength, durability and conductivity.

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