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Eco Farming-4

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Eco Farming-4

Eco Farming-4

Product Parameters

Product Name Eco Farming-4
Item No. Intestinal Excellence Agent
Supply Type Sell
Category Computer,Software > Computer Product Processing Equipment

Detailed Product Description

Product features
  • Used in aquatic feed: It can improve intestinal tract, increase feed remuneration and reduce the number of Vibrio and Streptococcus in water.

Product Usage
  • Pig dosage: 600g/ton for 30kg piglets after lactation. Usage for grown pigs can be appropriately reduced to 200 g/ton. Sows use 400 g/ton.
  • Poultry consumption: 400g/ ton, appropriate increase in the breeding period (such as 2 packs/ton), adult or egg production period of routine health care 1 pack/ton. If blood stool and overfeeding are serious, use 4 packs/ton temporarily for a few days, and then return to the normal dosage.
  • Rabbits, cattle, sheep, guinea pigs and other herbivores: 200 g/ton feed
  • Aquaculture animals: Take 500g at seedling stage, 400g at growth stage and 300g at growth stage. Prawns and another small aquatic animals 600g/ ton.

  • When mixing, it is recommended to pre-mix with carrier or premix and then evenly mix it into feed raw materials.
  • This product may be used in conjunction with routine prophylactic antibiotic doses prescribed in China.
  • In the case of high incidence of surrounding diseases, bad environmental conditions and increased stress, the dosage can be 2 ~ 4 times.
Our Vision
Use microbial technology/viable fermentation bed/graze breeding/take care of laying hens to achieve:
  1. Healthy breeding and environmental protection to establish a good example in food safety;
  2. Illuminate the healthy way for consumers, and to illuminate the path of ecological sustainability in healthy breeding;
  3. Enabling the vigorous fermentation bed breeding method to be systematically promoted and expanded in Taiwan and even globally so that ecology and agriculture can coexist sustainably to benefit humanity and the earth;
  4. Make a large amount of chicken manure that would otherwise pollute the environment into a beneficial fertilizer that can nourish the soil;
  5. Become a reformer of raising laying hens in lattice cages; and
  6. Become a pioneer in zero-drugs, zero-emission, and zero-pollution breeding, and promote the agricultural economy.


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