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Growth Pig Feed

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Growth Pig Feed

Growth Pig Feed

Product Parameters

Product Name Growth Pig Feed
Item No. Strong Agent for Pig
Supply Type Sell
Category Chemical > Fodder Additive > Microbial Feed Additives

Detailed Product Description

Product features
Health promotes growth and improves body shape. Increase feed intake, accelerate fertilizer, promote bone development of small pigs, improve body shape, increase feed pay, increase the survival rate of piglets, improve the lactation ability of female livestock. The piglet skeleton can be seen to grow and improve the color and body shape of the fat pig and improve the hair length.

Scope of application
It is suitable for the growth promotion of small and medium-sized pigs, fattening of large pigs, derigidity of stiff pigs, and improvement of sow performance. It can be used for a long time.

  • Can reach or exceed the growth rate level of full-price feed.
  • Using this product, the pig will not only gain one jin of meat for every 5-6 jin in the whole breeding period but also achieve that the pig can be 15 days in advance for slaughter. Strong Agent for pig can make farm with no odor; can let pigs healthier; make pigs experience fewer diseases, and to save medical costs. It can also improve the survival rate of pigs and make meat quality better.
  • [Note: jin, a unit of weight (=1/2 kilogram)]

About Us
EcoGlory's original intention was to follow Mr. Qiping Zhongto to promote the innovative micro-ecological biotechnology he developed. And to support environmental health, human health, livestock, and poultry health. In addition, to assist more breeders in solving pollution and large-scale drug use problems. The urgent issues to solve in the breeding industry come from environmental pollutions, i.e., air pollution, water pollution, and soil destruction caused by large amounts of livestock and poultry manure.
The biggest problem in the breeding industry is the massive use of antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance has threatened human health. The United Nations has paid strong attention to the issue. The use of our biotechnology can help the industry to breed without the use of antibiotics. We have achieved the whole “free drugs” breeding process, which has deeply pleased the experienced breeders with 6 to 10 years of breeding experience in the industry.
The company's core technology is the high-active and high-density solid-state cultivated lactic acid bacteria. Mr. Zhong has 29 years of solid-state fermentation feed technology experience and has nine authorized invention patent technologies. His recent awards include the Innovation Fund Award of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2014 and obtained the title of the Most Growing Enterprise in the Pig Industry in 2018. The company is determined to produce biotechnology products that are "usable, affordable, and effective" for most feed plants and breeders. Back at the end of 2018 was Mr. Zhong's company's fourth large-scale expansion overproduction capacity, which reached RMB 2.215 billion tons of products per year.

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