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Microbial Treatment Of Wastewater

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Microbial Treatment Of Wastewater

Microbial Treatment Of Wastewater

Product Parameters

Product Name Microbial Treatment Of Wastewater
Item No. City Garbage Treatment of Sludge Reach Bacteria Agent
Supply Type Sell
Category Environment > Water Treatment > Microbial Sewage Treatment

Detailed Product Description

Methods for treating urban pollution, river courses and river reach
Adhere to the deodorization and water purification of this product, you can thoroughly deodorize, significantly reduce COD/BOD/SS/NH4/CP, watercolor will emerald green, yellow-green, brown, or shiny bright.

Product Usage- Two simultaneous methods for fecal precipitation and splashing
  • Usage of precipitation dosage: 1 kg of this product is used to treat the urban river channel area of 1 mu (regardless of water depth). After the proper amount of river mud is mixed evenly, it can be made into about 30 clay pellets and put them into the river channel evenly.
  • Sprinkling dosage and usage: soak 1 kg + 500 g brown sugar + 5 kg river water for more than 30 minutes, sprinkle directly on the upstream of the river; Precautions: If the river course is long and has fluidity, it can be splashed in the upstream; Flow of poor heart, as far as possible evenly spilled onto the water.
The above two operations should be carried out at the same time, and the usage frequency should be once a week. In the second year, the dosage can be appropriately reduced as the case may be.

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