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Low Nox Burner Principle

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Low Nox Burner Principle

Low Nox Burner Principle

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Product Name Low Nox Burner Principle
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Factors influencing the formation of NOx in the combustion process include (1) air-fuel ratio temperature of combustion air; (2) cooling degree of the combustion zone; (3) burner shape design.
Nitrogen oxide concentration can be reduced by reducing the excess air into the burner. Reduce the temperature of the hot air, (4) REDUCE The thermal strength of the combustion chamber,(5) use double-sided exposed water cooling wall. Artificially slow mixing of fuel and air. The of two-stage combustion, Gas recirculation. 
  1. Fractional combustion of the air
    The air classification method is to send in the air used in the combustion in stages for " anoxic combustion " and " oxygen-rich combustion ", so as to avoid the occurrence of excessive temperature and large excess air coefficient at the same time, and reduce the generation of NOx.
  2. Fuel fractional combustion
    Fuel classification the division of fuel into two or more fuel streams. These fuel streams pass through three combustion zones for combustion reactions.
    80% to 85% of the fuel is sent to the main combustion zone for oxygen-rich combustion. The remaining 15% to 20% is sent to the precombustion zone via the upper part of the main burner. Anoxic combustion is carried out under the condition of air coefficient less than 1. NOx from the main combustion zone is reduced. thus reducing   NOx emissions; in order to reduce the burning need to add air to burn out.  
  3. Fuel gas recirculation combustion
    The flue gas recirculation method is to extract a part of low-temperature flue gas directly into the furnace before the air preheater of the disaster furnace, or infiltrate into the primary or secondary wind, reduce oxygen concentration, the flame temperature so that the generation of NOx is inhibited, reduce NOx emissions.
    Part of the low-temperature flue gas is directly pressed into the furnace or mixed with air (primary or secondary) and sent into the furnace. Due to the absorption of flue gas and dilution of oxygen concentration, the combustion rate and furnace temperature will be reduced, thus reducing the thermal type NOx.

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