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Electrostatic Tar Precipitator

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Electrostatic Tar Precipitator

Electrostatic Tar Precipitator

Product Parameters

Product Name Electrostatic Tar Precipitator
Item No. 1-1-3
Supply Type Sell
Category Environment > Gas Disposal > VOC Treatment System

Detailed Product Description

Electric detarring precipitator (The ionization catcher)
Technical introduction
The Electric detarring precipitator can catch tar, with high efficiency, small resistance loss, and large gas processing capacity. It can not only guarantee the gas quality requirements of subsequent processes. Increase the product recovery rate and significantly improve the operating environment. It is widely used in chemical, coking, city gas, building materials, metallurgy, ceramics and other industrial enterprises.
The design structure of our company is tubular Electric detarring precipitator. When the flue gas passes through the Electric detarring precipitator, the dust and tar in the flue gas are ionized under the action of electric charge, move to the charged metal wire and tube wall, and lose the charge, and fall to the Electric detarring precipitator under the action of gravity The bottom flows out, so that the pollutants can be degraded and removed.

Application field
  • Oily and paraffin exhaust gas in the production line of the plastics industry.
  • Tar-containing fumes from asphalt waterproof linoleum production line.
  • Tar exhaust gas from foaming and vulcanization production lines in the rubber industry.
  • Oily exhaust gas discharged from plastic printing and dyeing machines in the textile printing and dyeing industry.
  • Organic waste gas discharged from the washing machine and pellet extruder in the plastic recycling industry.
  • Volatile exhaust gas from printing, inkjet, and paint industries.
It is mainly used for gas purification in industries such as asphalt, rubber, fertilizer, coking, city gas, metallurgy, building materials, carbon, ceramics, etc. At the same time, it removes tar, dust, water mist and other impurities to achieve the dual effects of material recovery and gas purification. It also plays a vital role in ensuring the normal and stable operation of the equipment in the rear section of the process. In addition, it is mainly used as a pretreatment device for comprehensive organic waste gas treatment.

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