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Solar Powered Backpack

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Solar Powered Backpack

Solar Powered Backpack

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Product Name Solar Powered Backpack
Item No. Solar Powered Backpack
Supply Type Sell
Category Energy > Solar Energy,Recycling Energy > DSC Application

Detailed Product Description

DSC Self-powered Charging Backpack

The solar panel technology of this product uses the third-generation dye-sensitized photovoltaic energy battery. Its characteristics are light, thin, and can be bent when dropped. Its power generation conditions are limited to the fewest products currently on the market, which can range from indoor light to 1000 lux. Outdoor sunlight can output 5V power generation. It is very suitable for outdoor travel under any situational light source, as long as there is light environment, it can generate electricity.

Product Specification
Solar power battery output: 5V/360mA (1.8W)
Energy storage battery storage capacity: 10.96W
Energy storage battery power output: 5V/1A
Energy storage battery specifications: 3.7V/2800mAh
Total weight (including battery and hook): 410g
Development size: 510mm x 330mm
Folded size: 155mm x 330mm

How to use
Use sunlight to charge energy storage batteries
  1. Fully unfold the product where there is light, and the solar panel faces the light.
  2. Use the USB cable that comes with the product to connect the USB port on the back of the charging board to the mini USB input port of the energy storage battery.
  3. When the power indicator light flashes at the energy storage battery switch: The solar panel is charging the energy storage battery.
  4. When the power indicator light at the energy storage battery switch is steady on: it means that the charging is complete.
Solar charging efficiency
  1. In the shade of the jungle (5000~10000lux), charge for 20 minutes, and the smartphone can talk for 3 minutes. A day’s charge can allow smartphones to talk for 2 hours, and tablets can be used for 1 hour.
  2. It takes time to fully charge the energy storage battery: sunny day-0.5 day; cloudy day-1 day (open environment)
  3. The performance will vary according to the different specifications, light intensity and angle of each brand's mobile phone.
  4. 3C products are not suitable for directly using solar panels to charge 3C products due to the limitation of various charging management chip specifications. It is recommended to charge 3C products through the energy storage battery output dedicated for this product.
Energy storage battery to charge your product
  1. Before charging, please disconnect the USB cable from the solar panel.
  2. Connect the USB charging cable of your product to the USB 5V output port of the energy storage battery
  3. Long press the power switch of the energy storage battery for 3 seconds, wait until the power indicator light flashes gradually to indicate the start of charging.
  4. After charging is completed, you need to press and hold the power switch for another 3 seconds, and wait until the power indicator is constantly dimmed, which means that the energy storage battery is turned off to avoid continuous power output and loss.
  5. The energy storage battery retains the function of charging it via the general mains 5V.

Suitable usage scenarios: light weight / independent storage / low power generation limit
  1. It is easy to store and has good environmental tolerance. It is very suitable for temporary lighting and communication power supply for disaster relief. It can be used in conjunction with tents.
  2. Troop platoon or battalion equipment is used as the auxiliary power supply for communication/lighting/computer equipment and other equipment of the temporary command base for marching field operations.
  3. Auxiliary power supply for border patrol and nomadic people's fixed-point communication and lighting.
  4. Auxiliary power supply for communication/lighting/computer related to outdoor camping related activities.

Storage methods and important safety information
  1. Do not put the product near high temperature or contact with water
  2. The operating environment should not be lower than -10oC or higher than 65oC
  3. Do not dispose of product parts randomly, please discard or recycle according to local regulations.
  4. Please use the enclosed energy storage power supply as a solar power storage unit. Using other unapproved accessories may invalidate the product warranty or even cause energy damage.
  5. Cleaning: Just wipe with a slightly damp cloth, do not use solvents or other chemicals.

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