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Self Powered Ebook Cover

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Self Powered Ebook Cover

Self Powered Ebook Cover

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Product Name Self Powered Ebook Cover
Item No. Self Powered Ebook Cover
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Category Energy > Solar Energy,Recycling Energy

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DSC Self-powered E Book Cover
The world's first E-book came out in 2004, and it was not until 2007 when AMAZON first sold KINDLE to cause a hot sale, which truly opened up the unlimited business opportunities of E-books. Currently, more than 7.5 million E-books are sold annually.

What are the future advantages of E-books?
In the current era of advanced information dissemination, E-books are combined with a variety of downloadable content to make reading more lively and easier. E-books have a large storage capacity, and Internet access is available. Book contents can be downloaded at any time. E-books contain the advantages of various functions of the computer, and have been widely used in recent years while being gradually implemented in advanced countries such as Japan and the United States. If manufacturers successfully mass-produce colored e-books in the future, childrens’ story books and textbook market may be developed. The potential of the electronic reading market and channel development, as well as e-book-related peripheral products may grow rapidly henceforth.

On the other hand, as the market of E-book grows, the demand for E-book protective covers rises relatively.

The DSC light energy harvesting technology can generate electricity wherever there is light. The power generated in a human environment with an illuminance of less than 10,000 lux is far superior to other traditional solar energy technologies on the market.
Since E-book consumers generally read indoors, on balconies, under trees or on a bench at the park, the DSC self-powered E-book cover would be very suitable for their situation as all of these situations are under indirect sunlight, which our TDP self-powered module can bring the best into play.

DSC self-powered E-book cover may combine DSC light energy harvesting technology with any ordinary E-book cover, which is not only light, thin, flexible, customizable and good looking, but also more convenient to use.

When finished reading an E-book, simply close up the protective cover, and the DSC self-powered E-book cover would convert the collected light into electricity, providing an endless supply of micro-electricity for the E-book. The electricity would not outflow during standby-time, therefore charging would not be necessary.
If idle E-books are placed under relatively lighter illumination environments with DSC self-powered cover such as windowsides, cable charging may even not be demanded. DSC self-powered e-book jackets will solve the troublesome charging problems and costs, and become an environmentally friendly and sustainable high-tech product.

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