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Mango Popping Boba

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Mango Popping Boba

Mango Popping Boba

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Product Name Mango Popping Boba
Item No. Mango
Supply Type Sell
Category Food,Beverages > Tea > Fruity Boba

Detailed Product Description

Mango Popping Boba products in Taiwan are very famous and world-renowned. Taiwan Mango presents an eye-catching red color. The flesh has a pleasant aroma and tastes sweet with a smooth texture. It is distinctively different in appearance and texture from other countries’ export versions of the same species.

Mango Popping Boba is light-orange, with bright and smooth surface. Add Mango Popping Boba to your extract tea or fruity tea is a wise choice. Each bite of the Mango Popping Boba flavor profile is reminiscent of pleasant, fresh and ripe mango. It is the perfect complement to add to tropical style iced bubble tea, soda, smoothie, lemonade and frozen desserts.

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