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Retractable Utility Knife-1-6

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Retractable Utility Knife-1-6

Retractable Utility Knife-1-6

Product Parameters

Product Name Retractable Utility Knife-1-6
Item No. HD-9
Supply Type Sell
Category Computer,Software > Computer Peripheral > Audio CD To MP3 Converter

Detailed Product Description


HD-9's Special Features:
  1. Slip resistant rubber grip for easy to hold in the shape of fingers will not swaying while cutting for cutting
  2. Rubber pad for anti-slip while cutting more smoothy
  3. Snap Off Knives ideal for most applications. When users cut on rough, uneven surfaces like concrete floors or the ground, it dulls the blade faster. With a snap-off blade, users have fast access to fresh, always-sharp blades.
  4. Retractable blade for 4 positions
  5. Origin: Taiwan
  6. Patent Products


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