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Restrooms Outside

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Restrooms Outside

Restrooms Outside

Product Parameters

Product Name Restrooms Outside
Item No. 10-3
Supply Type Sell
Category Home Supplies > Home Furnitures > Portable Restrooms

Detailed Product Description

Natural Stone Portable Restroom Set (small)

Dimensions: 117cm x 146cm x 250cm

Our Natural Stone Portable Restroom set includes the following:
  1. Water closet
  2. Hand Washing Vanity
  3. Faucet Set
  4. Rinsing Shower Head
  5. Light fixture
  6. 2 window sets
  7. 1 door

Even though this portable restroom seems like made by natural stone, it is relatively lightweight that it can be mobilized by trucks and moved by a small lifter. You can put the restroom anywhere you want without the implementation of the foundation or footing of any kind to accommodate the structure. Thus, it will be much cheaper because you can save a lot of money just by using this product without the hassle of building a new building from scratch.  In addition, when compared to other conventional ones, our portable restroom set is much better looking and has some eco-friendly properties such as sound insulation and heat insulation. Hence, if you want a restroom that is aesthetically appealing, cost-effective, and time-sensitive, our product should be on top of your list. Let's go ahead and get your portable restroom settled at your farm, vacation homes, or at the back of your nice little garden!

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