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Outdoor Restrooms

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Outdoor Restrooms

Outdoor Restrooms

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Product Name Outdoor Restrooms
Item No. 10-2
Supply Type Sell
Category Home Supplies > Home Furnitures > Portable Restrooms

Detailed Product Description

Natural Stone Portable Restroom Set (big)

Dimensions: 157cm x 186cm x 250cm
  1. Water closet
  2. Hand Washing Vanity
  3. Faucet Set
  4. Rinsing Faucet
  5. Light fixture
  6. 2 window sets
  7. 1 door
  8. Shower Headset
  9. Sliding division
  10. Other hardware accessories bathroom set

If you need to put up a portable restroom or even a movable bathroom, the first thing that pops up in your mind might be the cheap plastic traditional portable restroom. Nevertheless, you might be missing out on something much better than what you can imagine. Our Natural Stone Restroom set might just happened to be the best option you can have. This product is different because we use the green hollow blocks to construct the shell. Each one of the block has a natural stone pattern imprinted on the surface. A waterproof coating is applied on the outer walls so the restroom will not be penetrated by heavy rain. Also, you do not need to apply another layer of tiles because the surface is fished already. The weight of the restroom is light enough to be lifted by a small crane and transfer by a truck. Once it is located and connected to the water source or electricity, you can use it right away and enjoy it!

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