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Eco Blocks Concrete

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Eco Blocks Concrete

Eco Blocks Concrete

Product Parameters

Product Name Eco Blocks Concrete
Item No. 9-2
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Hardware Tool > ECO Blocks

Detailed Product Description

Stone Patterned Green Block

Dimensions: 39cm x 19cm x 14m

Having a natural stone building might be many people’s dream. Many considering using natural building products or materials due to its pleasing appearances and texture. Unfortunately, the cost of using natural stone is extremely high and the quality and consistency of the material can never be stable and constant. Therefore, finding something that is suitable can be a big challenge to many builders and designers. Luckily, the green building block we offer here can provide you with many satisfactory properties. Our Stone Pattern Green Hollow block is composed of concrete. However, the surface of the blocks resembles the pattern of the natural stone. There are 12 different prints that can be utilized, so the wall constructed by this product look natural without too many artificial traits. In addition, each block has 4 big air socket spaces. These empty spaces can become a outstanding sound insulation. In other words, if you use these blocks to build a room, whatever you do inside, no matter how loud you are, you can enjoy your privacy and personal life without worrying too much that you might disturb your neighbors. If you are looking for a quiet and great looking house, using this product can be the only thing to do!

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