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Green Concrete Blocks

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Green Concrete Blocks

Green Concrete Blocks

Product Parameters

Product Name Green Concrete Blocks
Item No. 8-4
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Hardware Tool > Ecology Blocks

Detailed Product Description

Natural Patterned Green Concrete Block

Dimensions: 39cm x 19cm x 14cm

If you want a unique house that can help the ecology while having a great distinct look and personality, this natural Patterned Green Hollow block can be your first pick. Aside from the special look, this hollo block is very different from other regular concrete block. First, the surface is analogous to well defined tile pattern. By using these materials as your main structure, you can bring about the modern and futuristic look to your audience. Your house will look like a modern museum that people who encounter it will admire the beautify and magnificence of the building. Second, this block inherits great eco-friendly properties. For example, each one of the block has really good sound proofing and heat resistant characteristics. When you use these hollow blocks to construct a wall, the insulation will be outstanding. The wall can block out most of the sound and heat from the outside environment. Other benefit from this will be the electricity that can be preserved from using this concrete block because you do not need excessive extra energy to heat up or cool down the indoor temperatures. This will in turn save you so much utility costs while ensuring you a pleasant living place. In addition, the block is fire resistance. It is not combustable, meaning it doesn't burn like other material, such as wood or paper. Therefore, we can provide you a safe and secure living quality.

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