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Decorative Ecology Blocks

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Decorative Ecology Blocks

Decorative Ecology Blocks

Product Parameters

Product Name Decorative Ecology Blocks
Item No. 8-3
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Hardware Tool > Ecology Blocks

Detailed Product Description

Diagonal Patterned Concrete Block

Dimensions: 29cm x 29cm x 19cm

Our ecology blocks has many green properties. The light weight and the sound resistance are just only the two out of the many outstanding specifications. If you want your building to have a distinct touch and some extraordinary look on the outside, you need to consider using the Diagonal Patterned Concrete Block. Different from regular concrete blocks, this product has a more defined and condensed surface. It almost looks like finishes of tiled wall when the wall is built. each block are connected in appearance that it will be hard to distinguish each block from each other. In other words, you will only see a entire piece of wall instead of many little blocks connected together to provide a unique look. Also, this Concrete Block is noise resistant. Because there are many hollow spaces within this block, the air space serves as the sound vibration resistant mechanism that will resist sounds from transferring to the side. Thus, if you choose this product as the main material to build your project, you can not only have a great looking wall appearance, but also can enjoy a quiet and comfortable living space inside the house and keep all the noises outside of your reach for ever!

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