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Concrete Eco Blocks

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Concrete Eco Blocks

Concrete Eco Blocks

Product Parameters

Product Name Concrete Eco Blocks
Item No. 8-2
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Hardware Tool > Ecology Blocks

Detailed Product Description

Flat Surface Eco Concrete Block

Dimension: 29cm x 19cm x 14cm

Eco Friendliness and energy preservation become a top issue that more and more people are concerned of in the recent year. Therefore, the building materials that can withstand the acute weathering become essential when building a house. Our Concrete Block has a condensed surface that can withstand water. A water resistant coating is apply to each one of our blocks. The seal also serve as a preventer that protect the surface of the concrete block wall from nature damages such as sunlight or other chemical or physical danger factors. Besides, the structures built with this product is much stronger when compared to traditional wood-based building because of the composition of the concrete and the steal that implemented inside the structure. Concrete can stand for at least more than 50 years, usually much longer. The Stone Patterned Concrete Block is a product that is very different from conventional concrete masonry block. It has a delicate surface that does not require extra finishes. In other words, by the time the blocks are piled up, the outer wall surface is complete without any extra finishes to be done. Because of the water resistant property and the high density surface composition, the wall that is constructed by this green concrete block can withstand the influences from the environment, including the rain and the heat.

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