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Fancy Concrete Blocks

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Fancy Concrete Blocks

Fancy Concrete Blocks

Product Parameters

Product Name Fancy Concrete Blocks
Item No. 6-4
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Hardware Tool > Decorative Blocks

Detailed Product Description

Flat Surface Masonry Green Block

Dimension: 29cm x 19cm x 14cm

The Flat Surface masonry Blocks can be used as the architectural concrete blocks. It has the quiet but pronounced tone that brings about the most raw and pure naturalistic feelings to people who encounter the buildings constructed with this concrete block. It is very low-key yet has a very unique and distinct appearance that cannot be assembled very easily. It preserves the simplicity of the materials so it doesn’t have the artificial surfaces or materialistic sense. You might wonder the difference of this product and the traditional concrete block. The size is smaller than regular CMU. The thickness and the width of the Flat Surface Masonry Green Block is much less when compared to conventional concrete block. This makes the product much more effective when utilized in building walls or houses. Also, the transportation is also easier and requires less fees due to it’s reduced weight that reflects in the costs in terms of mobilization. If you want your building to be one of the kind with unique looks and personalities of itself, this option will be the best choice you can ever have. It will make sure you have your dream project done.

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