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Insulated Building Blocks

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Insulated Building Blocks

Insulated Building Blocks

Product Parameters

Product Name Insulated Building Blocks
Item No. 4-2
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Hardware Tool > Insulation Blocks

Detailed Product Description

Insulation green concrete block

Dimensions: 39cm x 19cm x 14m

Nowadays, when architects design a building, the aesthetic aspect of the structure is no longer the only element he or she pays the most attention to. The focus has been shifted to energy preservation, sound proof ability, eco-friendliness, and other factors that affect the overall living quality of a house. Therefore, when considering which material to use, you really have to put many things into your consideration. The insulation green concrete block is a product that is specifically designed to build energy saving buildings. The insulation properties of the block is much greater than other building materials, such as wood studs or reinforced concrete walls. When heat transfers from outside environment into the inside of the building, most of the heat energy will be blocked and stay outside of the building because each one of our green concrete block has a special design that involves several air spaces implemented within the block. Heat will not be able to travel too smoothly through the block because the air space will hinder the heat from transferring. Thus, if you choice to use our product as your construction material, you will be ensured with a more comfortable and energy saving home!

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