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Plastic Mobile Holder

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Plastic Mobile Holder

Plastic Mobile Holder

Product Parameters

Product Name Plastic Mobile Holder
Item No. 9-MPS-01
Supply Type Sell
Category Home Supplies > Display Racks > Plastic Mobile Stand

Detailed Product Description

Design feature:
  1. Beautiful and practical, suitable for various occasions
    Example: Traveling out, picnicking, must-haves for foreigners, meals for students and must-have
  2. Unique design, combined with multiple uses
    Example: Cutlery box, stationery box, make-up box, small things box, charging cable box, mobile phone holder, change box
  3. Fully expanded, easy to clean
    No need to use brushes, can be fully unfolded and cleaned, without dead corners and no residue
  4. Lightweight and portable, it can be opened and closed in one hand
    Put it on the table, suitcase, bag or pocket for easy storage
  5. Can stand up, really convenient
  6. Safe and sleek design, comfortable feel, durable and unchanged
  7. Artifact chase
    It can be used as a mobile phone stand, the angle can be adjusted freely in the groove on the back, and tableware can be placed inside to satisfy the interest of watching movies while dining
  8. Environmental protection and carbon reduction, love the earth
    Use non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, reduce the use of disposable products, and reuse without waste

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