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Zip Lock Packaging Bags

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Zip Lock Packaging Bags

Zip Lock Packaging Bags

Product Parameters

Product Name Zip Lock Packaging Bags
Item No. 2-ZLB-04
Supply Type Sell
Category Office Supplies > Stationery > Plastic Zipper Bags

Detailed Product Description

  1. Three-dimensional bottomed bag design can stand.
  2. It can prevent air and dust, and it is convenient to store ingredients.
  3. Reusable, good sealing.
  4. Carry well and take up space.
  5. Open window design, can clearly see the contents, can write the name of the article on the bag for easy identification.
  6. Can be used as a gift bag, decoration or small object.
  7. Can be used as food bags, snack bags, fresh-keeping bags, sauce bags, etc.
A. This material outer kraft paper.
B. Water-proof and leak-proof design can be filled with liquid, such as: soy sauce, seasoning, shampoo, bath milk, facial cleanser, etc. during camping trips.
Customized options:
Material (PP / Paper…)
Pattern (Logo / Pattern…)

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