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Business Card Pockets

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Business Card Pockets

Business Card Pockets

Product Parameters

Product Name Business Card Pockets
Item No. 2-BCH-SP-01
Supply Type Sell
Category Office Supplies > Stationery > Plastic Card Holders

Detailed Product Description

A good helper for storing business cards in the office and business. It stores the business cards as a whole, and it is faster and easier to read when looking for them. Don’t worry about putting too many business cards. There are design holes, which can be used alone or in combination with hole clips. Can also be used as a collection card for phone cards, mood cards, collection cards, membership cards, etc.
A. The middle layer has a gray smooth surface, and the upper and lower layers are transparent.
B. This matte transparent.
C. This middle layer is black embossed, transparent on the top and bottom.
D. This gloss is transparent.
Size (A4 / A5…)
Surface (Transparent / Extinction / Embossing…)
Thickness (0.35 / 0.07…)
Holes punched (11 holes / 30 holes…)
Pockets (3 cells / 10 cells…)
Open (Upper side / Side opening…)

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