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Clear File

Product Parameters

Product Name Clear File
Item No. 2-SPF-FB-02
Supply Type Sell
Category Office Supplies > Stationery > Plastic File Folders

Detailed Product Description

It is a good helper to store data files, students and office essentials, put the relevant materials in the same book, can be classified according to color and cover notes, convenient and fast when looking for information, thickening of inner page thickness, inner bag when there is more information Not easy to hang down, material cover patterns can be customized.
A. The cover and back cover are made of cardboard, and the inner page is thicker and more textured.
B. Side pockets inside the cover for paper loading.
C. Can accommodate A4 paper, the inner page design L type can also be placed in the whole A3.
D. Cover design mezzanine, can be placed on the paper to write on the classification or put in your favorite pattern as the cover.
E. Can accommodate A4 paper, the inner side of the inner page design can also be placed in the whole A3.
F. The strap design can be attached to the information bag when the inner page is filled with more paper. It is not easy to hang down, and the strap is tied to better.
* This type of product is very diverse, please contact us if you need detailed information.
Size (A4 / A5…)
Surface (Transparent / Extinction / Embossing…)
Thickness (0.35 / 0.07…)
Capacity (10 / 20…)
Card pockets (Business card / CD / Cover mezzanine…)
Side pockets
Elastic band (Elastic / Ribbon…)
Binder (Coil / Screw…)
Cover (Cardboard / PP / Cloth / Leather…)
Open (Upper side / Side opening…)

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