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Anti Slip Glass Coating

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Anti Slip Glass Coating

Anti Slip Glass Coating

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Product Name Anti Slip Glass Coating
Item No. 4
Supply Type Sell
Category Chemical > Coating > Anti Slip Floor Paint

Detailed Product Description

Glass fiber anti-skid coating
This non-slip coating is suitable for floor materials such as fiberglass.
It is ideal for any surface that is slick when wet. Can be used on fiberglass, concrete, metal, fiberglass, tiles, porcelain and many other surfaces.
This high quality Topcoat is suitable for a wide range of applications and for all surfaces where a non slip finish is required.
Increased surface traction creates a safer walking surface that will reduce the likelihood of a slip-and-fall accident.
Anti-skid coating will create a durable, flat textured finish that sticks firmly to most any surface.
  1. Material: epoxy resin
  2. Color: transparent and colorless
  3. Stable quality Fast delivery time, long validity period, safe and invisible appearance
  4. Simple construction, strong adhesion, strong anti-slip effect, and durability of more than 2 years (depending on actual use).
  5. Origin: Taiwan
Our company mainly produces various anti-slip agents. We can provide the most reasonable price and reliable quality. If you cannot find the right product for you, please contact us.

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