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House facelift

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House facelift

House facelift

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Product Name House facelift
Item No. 2-5
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Category Automobile > Auto Accessory > 4X4 Off Road Wheels

Detailed Product Description

House peeling exterior wall construction method, tile, cultural brick, etc.
Asian sales champion, Japan's Nippon latest cultural brick spraying method, quickly help your outer wall to pull the skin, the short construction period will make your house sparrow become a phoenix, still endure the urban area is beautiful, the wall is full of dirt and Is the outer wall of the mildew? The problem of damage and spalling of the outer wall culture brick is mainly caused by the following reasons: the strength of the cultural brick adhesive is insufficient or the interface between the adhesive and the cement mortar is damaged, and the substrate structure of the outer wall culture brick is attached. The body is inflated, the external wall construction is not properly treated, and the wall is not completely cleaned when the foundation is painted. The culture brick is stuck with the cement material because of poor water retention and fast drying. It is hardened before the tile is attached, and the thickness of the clay is not enough. The tile is not embedded deep enough, lacking the strength of the joint. The expansion and contraction of the tile is not properly disposed, the wall is cracked, the moisture is heavy, the sun is hot, the rain is low, and the earthquake occurs frequently. The high temperature reached 50~60 degrees, and suddenly a violent thunderstorm, the sudden temperature change caused the shedding. Moreover, the retro red magnetic brick wall has always been the mainstream construction method of Taiwan's two ding, but such external wall construction method is not only difficult to maintain, but also more likely to cause safety problems.
If you like the exterior wall of cultural bricks or retro brick art, but worry about the maintenance, safety and cost of the construction of the two-story tiles, the texture sand art culture brick is definitely the best choice for you.

There is no need to knock out the old tile house.
Step 1: The basic substrate leveling treatment
It adopts advanced Nippon Paint full-effect leveling universal coating king, which is a new two-component base layer processing product. This product is the best flat coating in Japan, the outer wall peeling method champion, all kinds of wall leveling without knocking out Old tile, universal paint king set waterproof, crack-resistant, leveling, repair full function, all kinds of wall problems, Nippon Paint full-effect leveling universal paint king once solved, clean taste technology, formula green, indoor and outdoor can be used. The top-grade substrate of Japan's Nippon system with good waterproof and crack-resistant functions lays a good foundation for the overall wall surface and prevents wall cracking and water seepage caused by insufficient substrate processing.

Step 2: Primer painting
The primer is applied to effectively seal the capillary pores of the base layer to prevent the infiltration of the harmful substances in the base layer, and to reinforce the secondary foundation to protect the paint surface from erosion.

step 3: The line division According to the design requirements, the elastic lines are separated, and the dividing tape is adhered along the dividing stitches to ensure that the sticking is straight and compact.

step 4: Painting
According to the actual situation of the construction site, the paint will be blended according to the requirements. According to the rigorous Japanese Nippon State, the old house skinning specification will be applied. The multi-pass paint will bring the wall paint to the best condition, and then the surface will be straightened according to the design effect. Horizontal detail processing.

Step 5: Remove the textured paper
Create fine-grained art and create unique designs.

Step 6: Protect the paint
After the exterior wall construction is completely dry, the Nippon Paint is completely dried and sprayed or sprayed on the wall surface to achieve the effects of protection, anti-fouling, waterproofing and anti-algae, so that the sand art culture brick house pulls the outer wall of the skin and the effect remains long. like new.


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