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External wall renovation

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External wall renovation

External wall renovation

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Product Name External wall renovation
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ChengLin Innovation company has refurbished and refurbished the old apartments of the ceramic tile wall and the new ones, and launched a new “free brickwork method”. Through the new generation of the Nippon Paint system, the old apartment renovation paint can be strongly attached to all kinds of building materials, directly Direct and rapid construction of the closed flat wall surface can update the appearance of the building, eliminating the time to knock out the tile, preventing water molecules from penetrating the wall surface, reducing the occurrence of wall cancer, and saving time in construction, as long as The appearance of the building can be reconstructed in about 60 days, and the cost is 50% less than the traditional ceramic tile exterior wall. The waterproof appearance is maintained for at least 30 years.

Exterior wall renovation construction features:
The high-pressure water knife cleans the wall surface, thoroughly removes the mold on the wall surface, knocks out the loose-falling tiles, and repairs the cracks on the wall surface by the V-Cut method, and removes the rust from the exposed steel bars.
Use Nippon Paint Japan patented coatings, water-based and environmentally friendly environment.
In response to the hot and humid weather in Taiwan, the wall leakage was completely solved.
Shorten the construction period and reduce dust and noise pollution.
It has a long service life of up to 35 years and is less prone to dirt when it is washed by rain. It does not require the use of chemical lotion for cleaning and maintenance.

Exterior wall renovation is applicable to the construction wall:
Cement surface, plaster substrate, asbestos cement board, mosaic tile, etc., are applicable to any wall.

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