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Image Management System

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Image Management System

Image Management System

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Product Name Image Management System
Item No. 6-3,NDT Film Digitizer + MiiNDT
Supply Type Sell
Category Health,Beauty > Medical Equipment > NDT Film Digitizer

Detailed Product Description

NDT/RT Film Image Management System

Microtek NDT/RT Film Image Management System is able to emphasize the details in shadows, increasing clarity on demand and faithfully present the nature of the originals. Microtek NDT/RT Film Image Management System enables you to manage the industrial X-ray films efficiently. Combining the use of MiiNDT and Microtek’s NDT Film Digitizer, speedy image capture, image data management, and off-site viewing are just easier than ever.
With just a simple and fast connection, you are able to transfer physical data into digital format. The digital data format includes inspection date, project numbers, target numbers, and other related information, is qualified for ASTM standard and DICONDE format. In addition, MiiNDT provides functions for image annotation, reporting, CD-burning, transmitting, and converting to DICONDE format. It makes NDT/RT images easier to archive, review, and share.

  • Specially designed for NDT/RT films management
  • Conform to ASTM international standard & DICONDE format
  • Powerful image management features include image archiving, inquiry, measurement tools, annotation, reporting, viewing, CD burning, transferring, converting to DICONDE format, etc.
  • Supports DCM, BMP, JPEG, and TIFF formats
  • Supports JPEG 2000 lossless and lossy data compression formats
  • Cost-effective, all-in-one imaging solution for NDT/RT

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