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Cellophane packaging-4

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Cellophane packaging-4

Cellophane packaging-4

Product Parameters

Product Name Cellophane packaging-4
Item No. 07-60-100-1
Supply Type Sell
Category Gifts,Crafts > Collection Box > Cellophane Packaging

Detailed Product Description

It is often used in the packaging of carton boxes, cosmetics, health care products, etc.
1. Material: BOPP film
2. Advantages: The moisture barrier of BOPP film is the best among all plastic films. Conventional PVC and POFF films require an injection hole to process the packaging film, and consumers must use a blade or scissors to remove the film when using the product, which is inconvenient to use.
3. The packaging film can still be removed from the side of the carton without removing the tear line.
4. The BOPP film is packaged on this machine, and only individual packaging can be performed, and it is impossible to produce a combination package of multi-box products.
5. If the food of the contents is sensitive to heat, you can consider using BOPP film for packaging. In addition to making the product beautiful, it can not damage the product quality.
6. Sample size (LWH): 140X111X79MM. The maximum height of the track when the carton is traveling on this machine is 79MM. When the carton is placed on the table at any angle, the machine can only operate normally if the minimum height of the box cannot be greater than 79MM.
7. It can be mass-produced according to the size of the customer's box. If you want a new mold, please provide 3 boxes to facilitate measuring the size of the box. If the customer's order is stable, the company can absorb the cost of opening the mold.
8. Stable quality and fast delivery
9. Daily production capacity: 10,000 boxes
10. Yuanlitong Company mainly provides BOPP glass paper sealing film foundry. Due to automated production, we can provide the most reasonable price and reliable quality. If you have a box to seal the cellophane film, please contact us.

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